Step Up

The study of English, Technology, and Professionalism

The course aims at enhancing tech literacy and how modern tech applications and computer knowledge enable us to get tasks done efficiently. To operate modern Tech and acquire computer skills, English plays a vital role in knowing the functionality and operating properly to communicate verbally or correspond through emails with clients. As English has become part and parcel of our life, it helps to connect with the global community understand the needs of clients, and sell services. Besides these two essential skills, professionalism is the need of the day to execute the acquired skills with workplace etiquette, resolve conflict, get outcomes, and demonstrate leadership skills with teamwork. All these skills are essential to sell services, effectively communicate, and get benefits from the latest inventions of technology. The course helps to become capable of selling services all over the globe via various platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Udemy, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. STEP-UP is a game changer that is essential for all age learners ranging from school-going kids to professionals serving in different fields.

  1. English Communication Module
  2. Professionalism Module
  3. Technology Module