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The University of Spoken English & Computer Science (USECS) (A Project of KIMSAR Pvt Ltd) has been working in Peshawar since 2009 to help students and professionals improve their language skills and computer expertise. It is now known as one of the leading Universities of its own sort. We offer different courses in the field of English Language and Computer Science that ultimately aim at personality development of students.

Located in the hub of educational institutes of Peshawar USECS now is a home to 1500+ students where they can learn 100+ courses. The facilities at campus help students improve their observatory skills by learning from the environment. People from all the professions and walks of life can take choose to learn and improve at USECS. We have a team of highly qualified and trained intellectuals who provide the best managerial and teaching services.

The activity-based courses are designed to hunt, scour, develop and enhance the hidden qualities of students and help them improve their skills. In order to provide professional exposure to students, the classrooms & IT Labs are air-conditioned and are designed with sophisticated seating and updated technology. The professional use of Multimedia and HD sound system help student get a broader view of learning horizons.

Vision and Mission

USECS conducts its programs by overarching Vision, Mission, Goals, Values and Belief that are revisited periodically.



To be a world leader in preparing leaders, professionals, educationist and Researchers.


We want you to Learn, Grow and Lead.


  • To impart the qualities of leadership, personality, professionalism, research, innovation and social responsibility among the educational professionals who may be recognised for the quality and significance of their services.
  • To deliver broadly renowned leadership in the advancement of Learning, Teaching, personality and assessment of educational outcomes across the life span of students through qualitative & activity based education system.
  • To help faculty, staff and students enhance their commitment to the centrality of citizenship, social justice, and diversity.
  • To provide leadership in the growth of cooperative, collective and professional relationships with all the institutions concentrated at the development of institutions providing social welfare to the poor and orphan children.
  • To maintain an encouraging, inspirational and a learning environment throughout the premises.
  • To devise a management plan that is amiable, sophisticated and quality conscious.
  • To help students find opportunities of employment and improve his standard of life by connecting them with the professional use of Information technology.
  • To provide exemplary services in Counselling that will help students take better decisions for their future and devise a map thereof.
  • To promote projects that help the society grow academically, morally, socially and financially


  • Education, without skills and abilities to deliver it, is useless.
  • For a democratic society to grow literate and educated citizenry is pivotal
  • To entitle people to a qualitative education grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, professional integrity and a healthy nurturing environment.
  • Dynamic education system nurtures a productive and impartial collaborations that can compete internationally
  • Teaching and Learning should be aimed at Innovation, Leadership, scholarly research and its effective practice
  • The improvement of school is based on sound research, implementation policies that may build effective policy development and collaboration with practitioners
  • Practical and professional use of technology should be incorporated as a regular and compulsory subject and should be utilized to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching, learning, scholarly research, and its outreach to the state, nation and the world
  • Extra-curricular and interdisciplinary programs should be directed to enhance student leaning, growth and leadership
  • Students are the identity of an institution whose learning should properly be supervised properly and directed specifically.
Aleem Shah Khilji

Chief Executive Officer

The University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences is not only a name of an Educational Institution but is the name of a vision seeing an educated class of society. A Society that is based on strong fundamentals and guided by a comprehensively defined constitution that helps the garden grow naturally and beautifully. It has been top of our priority to keep the provision of quality on all the levels possible and make the availability of all the requirements well on time so that Working, Teaching and Learning may possibly be channelized and actually put into work. Our team is the most trustworthy, trained, skilled and educated who leaves no stones unturned to make the best of their services available for each and every one in the Institution. Education is the most important factor and requirement of the era, day to day developments have been increasing its significance to an even higher level. It has become the utmost responsibility, now, for the educational organizations, specially, to be able to provide short, comprehensive and rational education to the youth and also the less educated class of the society. The upgradation of a country happens when there is equilibrium, justice and stability, all these factors are possibly only if majority of the people are living above the graph of literacy. Our struggle, strive and thrive for the cause is vigilant, vigorous and spiritually guided and we are proud of that. We believe that our journey will prove itself to be productive and quality oriented for the society, Insha Allah.

Managing Director – Islamabad

Knowledge, Skill and Attitude are the pivotal fragments of education. A career that does not have actual sense of character, personality and behavior is considered useless. Education is a journey from a human being to being human. A journey that has spectacular and explorable avenues and mysterious experiences to get. A valley of concepts and ideas that are discovered, learned, developed and put onto practical grounds. It becomes the utmost responsibility of an Educational Institution to make the students eligible to learn the true purpose of life where they can be made eligible to unlock creativity and ingenuity. The University of Spoken English and Computer Science has been working in the field to bring the aforementioned factors into operation and thus making its graduates eligible to compete on the developmental fronts. A class whose visions and missions are unique and versatile in their own sort. Our Staff are trained timely and educated comprehensively to make a productive learning possible. It is our pledge to work for the betterment and work for the national cause, polishing the generation to be futuristic, pragmatic and logical. We believe that our endures will bring its fruits and live our expectations, Insha Allah.

Ammer Sohail
Abdul Sammad Jan

Managing Director – Peshawar

Nations Prosper, they do, but the blessing of prosperity is in the destiny of the nation whose concentration and focus towards education is high. The organizations, be it of any sort, prosper, they do, only if gifted with the educated and skilled class of workers. Equal and Quality education is the basic right of every human being and making them available, in refined form, is not only the responsibility of the state but each and every one living around us. The Importance of education can never be underestimated at any cost, for it makes the human realize the hidden potential that can be operated to bring upgradation to the society. At USECS, it is our top priority to mobilize all the material and immaterial resources to polish the intellectual minds into intellectual might. The correct use of time and efforts to take out the productive outcomes is the reason we are serving here. As an educationist, it is my request to the parents as well to play their part in the necessary learning i.e., behavioral and ethical so that their kids may have a learning environment around them 24/7. Learning is everywhere, but in order to activate the learning it is the responsibility of the mentors, i.e. Parents, Teachers and Institutions not to compromise in providing qualitative and learning oriented environment to the students. An Environment where a fish is not forced to climb a tree and where grades and marks are not standard of evaluation. Making a learning that is outcome oriented is possible only if necessary means of interest based learning is incorporated. I wish a very best of luck to everyone who is playing his/her part in this noble cause.

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