Officially Registered course of Board of Technical Education KPK, DIT is a 1-year course based on 2 semesters. The aim of this course is to educate youth about the basics of technology, essentials of computer and necessary soft wares.

General English

Routine Conversations for beginners will aim at helping kids improve their English language Conversations based on

    1. Basic Grammar
    2. Dialogues
    3. Debates
    4. Role Plays
    5. Talk Shows
    6. Presentations
    7. Speeches

Academic English

Special Class is specifically designed for students of different levels. This class will help students get command over their academic English which will help them get a better understanding of their subjects. The Contents of the class is based on

  • Advanced Grammar
  • Critical Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Academic Listening
  • Impressive Speaking
      • Essential Communication Skills (Verbal – Non-Verbal)

Professional English

Professionals need English for Official Purposes that need a different environment to learn. This class will provide aspirants to get an atmosphere where they will get a chance to polish their communication skills and take them to a professional level. The contents of the class contain topics and training from Presentation Skills, Verbal, Multimedia, Knowledge Skills, and Attitude Language Development, Vocabulary Official Vocabulary, Important Terminologies, Uncommonly Used Words, Impressive VocabularySpeaking SkillsI interviews, Debates, Speeches, Interviewing Techniques, Structured, Unstructured

    • Critical Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Stress Management
    • Case Studies
    • Official Writing
    • Letters Reports
    • Proposals
    • Articles
    • Official Documentations
    • Articles
    • Listening Practices
    • Reports
    • NewsTalk Shows
    • VideoPersonality Development
    • Professional Life Skills
    • Confidence Boosting Activities

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