Yani Yusni Nadra From Indonesia to Pakistan

Hard work and Dedication are the ornaments of people who know how to take a task and how to keep the task moving on positively and know the importance of time that is invested into performing a certain task.

Hard work and Dedication are the ornaments of people who know how to take a task and how to keep the task moving on positively and know the importance of time that is invested into performing a certain task. Job, working hours and responsibilities are the very requirement of efficient work that may be learned first and acted upon later. Our job environment and the working culture have a very important impact on our day-to-day dealings and performances. Being critical and analytical of these performances provides us with a way of living a life that matters and has an impact on the upcoming generations to come.

Around you and your working environment, some lives have inspired hundreds from their circles. These live inspirations are living examples to you and to many who have an eye to look into, a heart to feel and a mind to understand. Such hearts are untouchable and unfathomable. Around us are many such examples that have an impact on us and our lives. When a certain amount of belief and understanding is invested in, the said facts and truths are worthy to be lived in and are worth learning and improving. Our high-performing teams when working with full zeal and zest bring along with them award-winning responses which are beyond imagination.


Yani yusni Nadra is serving as an accounts officer at the USECS Peshawar campus. She belongs to Indonesia and has been living in Malaysia for many years. She has vast experience in dealing public, serving in 5-star hotels and restaurants as a manager and business developer. Her experience as a receiver of guests is on an international level that she shares with her mates who are working along with her. She has not only worked in the said department but has also served in many other sectors which range from sports to saloons and many others. She got married to a Pakistani Sports player who played for the Malaysian Cricket team as a batsman Mr Zeeshan. They have a beautiful son who is named Muhammad Yusuf. Miss Yani Yusni Nadra, along with her family and Experience, has now been in Pakistan for the past 5 years and is living happily.

Working at USECS Miss Yani Yusni Nadra participated in different departments of management. She started as A receptionist where she collected the data of the new coming students. She also worked as a student coordinator where she helped students with their different academic problems and regularly provided them with solutions and helped them improve their academic life. She is now serving as a senior accountant at USECS Peshawar Campus. Her hospitality, behavior, relation, adapting to organizational culture, and understanding make her a complete package that everyone around her appreciates.

I travelled from Indonesia to Malaysia for work which was very important for my professional career and learning, It was a decision of fate that I tied the knot with a Pakistani along with whom my future was written in Pakistan. During my journey of moving to three different countries, I learned and realized my potential and also learned about myself being uniquely different and versatile when it comes to working. I realized my abilities as a Friend, a professional and a working lady who has to give time to both home and work altogether. Pakistan has been a fantastic place for me as I found a complete difference in culture, language, way of behaviour, values and beliefs. I am a Muslim and I now feel very comfortable that I am in a country that follows Islam as a religion. At USECS I am not only working but I am trying to improve myself a lot, life is a long journey of learning and improvement, and I am trying to work accordingly. I enjoy my time at USECS along with my office mates and get to learn a lot from their experiences. It is a family type of environment here I have never felt any cultural shock or discrimination also, I will never opt to work anywhere else. When it is about working for a cause and working for an organizational objective then hard work along with the approach to working hard is very important. It has always been the top of my priority to work for the betterment of an organization by investing in my professional and international experience.

There are many examples like Yani Yusni Nadra who have international experiences and still have a working approach that has far more comprehensive than others. We wish all our luck to Yani Yusni Nadra and her family.

October 14, 2022

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