Who is Aleem Shah Khilji

Aleem Shah Khilji is the Founder/Chairman of The University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences and is a renowned Life Coach and Trainer, and an Advance Threat Analyst.

Aleem Shah Khilji is the Founder/Chairman of The University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences and is a renowned Life Coach and Trainer, and an Advance Threat Analyst. He has been leading the aforementioned Institution for the Past 13 Years, with the vision of Seeing a youth with an unchallengeable strength, and in order to get this vision into reality, he has been working on providing education and training to the youth of Pakistan. His Services, apart from being a successful entrepreneur, are to provide training and development opportunities to the youth through different platforms. He also is a diehard patriot and an expert analyst whose work is based on Advance Threat Analyses which focuses on providing the country with the best of the solutions for security surveillance and upgradation. He writes articles, participates in TV programs and Talk shows to make his work sure. He also has been a very successful life coach, speaker, and trainer who has inspired the very core of learning among the students and has been the favourite of his students. Life is a journey of mysterious paths many of which are unknown to the common minds he always says, to take the students to a journey of self-realization is the task of a good teacher and a mentor and that is the real success of a society. His struggles and endeavours for the betterment and up-gradation of society are a symbol of success for many students around the country.

He Started his career in 2007 as an English Language Teacher at a local Language Teaching Coaching Academy as an English Language Instructor. He has always been focusing on idealistic and realistic approach of a Language and always put students into activities that can enhance their skills and abilities. He has always kept it top of the priority that the youth, who is the most important part of any organisation be it educational or professional, needs to invest into their performance so that the outcome that is generated as a result of the compound effect of their performance should be always up to the standards, meeting which, is difficult but not impossible. He based Spoken English Scenario with the vision of encouraging its educated and uneducated people to get a grip over the knowledge and skills, polish them into the finest ability and let the environment observe the essence of your being. He developed The Vision of Spoken English Scenario into The University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences in 2011 which has widely been working in the field of Teaching, Training, Research, Upgradations and other fields related to Human Resource.

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