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Overcoming the Barriers in Acquiring English: A Unique Approach to Language Learning, USECS is the best place for students to acquire English Langauge and other skills

Wondering how to enhance your English proficiency? You tried many ways but nothing works?


Here is how we can fix it together! You desire to improve your English drastically to serve your academic or professional purposes but the problem lies with finding the best institution where you can subside all your barriers in the acquisition of English journey!

Worry not- we have got your back!

You are not alone, most of the students struggle who to trust and how to cater their linguistic needs. And of course, everyone in the market is out who claims to be the best to eradicate your problems and make you overcome your language barriers, but after the enrollment, they neglect and stop working on your improvement because their entire purpose is attracting and making you buy their courses. Their vibrant social media ads trick you, and the story continues!

Of course, it is a huge challenge but we can overcome it together!



Where lies the problem?

The real challenge lies with the first thought when you start conceiving the idea of learning English. For instance, you have set out and want to commute to your destination, yet you don’t have a clear roadmap. How can you figure it out to reach there? The inception of a journey to a destination solely depends on the choice of the roadmap and particularly the mode of transport. For example, if someone coaches about the features of the car instead of driving it and travelling towards your milestone so how excellent and theoretical driver are you does not make any difference or knowing the specification as well as the qualities of the car really do not matter rather what really makes the difference is to start the car and initiate your journey.

Similarly, learning a language and learning about a language has a considerable difference. Learning a language is to know how to attain the functions of a language and make it serve your purposes or to express your ideas and thoughts both in speaking and writing, however, learning about a language means to know about its rule and regulations plus their appropriate definitions as well as utilizing them in the light of some prescribed rules. Both of them are right ways but as per the needs, students are in dire need of learning a language rather than learning about a language. The blunder we make is to commence teaching right course to the wrong student. The entire purpose of students’ enrollment is to express his ideas correctly and fluently but we engage them in mugging the grammar rule up. Here, the students’ needs are not addressed and they look out to get their problems solved somewhere else.



Another major issue students face is to differentiate between learning language versus language acquisition. Learning a language means knowing a language’s components actively in a classroom where a teacher is supposed to teach a specific lesson in a typical style and after the completion of the lesson, students are given a homework. This, of course, was the practice of the past era. With the invention of technology and the approach of the advanced gadgets, learning has become effortless. If the students are taught the way they were trained in the past, needless to say that we prepare them for the past, not for the future. However, acquisition is a natural process of subconsciously knowing a language without involving in its components; no specified teacher, no hard and fast rules of following a strict syllabus rather the focus is on acquiring a language naturally as a child acquires it from his surroundings and the people around him.



Furthermore, we ought to draw the difference between an Instructor and a lecturer. Both have a huge difference such as a lecturer tries to speak and imparts knowledge to the students and is a one-way traffic. Whereas, an instructor enables students to express their ideas in target language and remains silent but when a student needs correction, he assists him and engages students in some useful activities to achieve the objects of the lesson.

How differently we can teach you?

First thing first, we are located in the outskirt, next to Ghouri Garden, Islamabad. We chose the location due to non-presence of overcrowd as hustle and bustle create hurdles when students get to the institution as well as far region students may find reasonable accommodation near the institution.

The first facility we have a sprawling parking lot where students as well as team-members can park their means of transport with the surveillance of active guards who guide you to the academic floor by utilizing the facility of the elevator. After the entrance, you’re attracted by the spacious reception where you are asked to have a seat on comfortable sofas. One of the facilitators provides you the brochures of both the departs’ courses I,e English and Computer sciences. Also, you are served with a glass of water and other services if you need.

You are then requested to seek relevant information and all the details are given to you in a polite way. After taking the information, you are given a placement test in order to assess your level of English proficiency which is essential to place you properly in a relevant course. Followed by a session where you are given orientation about classes and trainer gives you a complete tour of the campus. Then books are allotted along with all relevant materials and you join the session of your choice either morning or evening.

We do have students’ book, work and video book. The classrooms are designed in a unique way so that students may interact, see and hold group discussion and debates which are also equipped with multimedia and modern gadgets. Students’ satisfaction is ensured as first priority and instructors try their best to facilitate and engage students in classroom activities.  For debates, presentation and speech competition, there is a sprawling auditorium where apart from these activities, weekly counselling sessions are held by experienced study and life coach.

Other than that, weekly, monthly and course completion tests are ensured to track the learning process of the students and they are promoted via MIS which also ensures daily attendance and calculates the classes a student attends in the whole course.

At the end of course completion, students are awarded with certificates and are asked if they need our service, they can visit us anytime.

Although we don’t claim we are the best, but your drastic enhancement of English is our first priority which is what distinguishes us from other institutions.                   


February 22, 2023

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