The Rebound Shot | Irfan Riaz

The Story of a Foreign Return who brought international working experience to Pakistan and is serving the nation.

The Story of a Foreign Return who brought international working experience to Pakistan and is serving the nation.

Life is the name of learning and growth, the people with the correct set of skills and approaches that are specific to their goals and objective live a life that matters and blesses lives with outcomes in positive means and domains. We live with ideas that are worth inspiring the people who are around us, we live with dreams that are mostly unknown to others, and we live a life that is unexplainably different in an entire way, if the correct avenues may be scoured.

We live a life that has meanings, a life that has a lot for others if we could know the value of polishing a stone into a diamond. Struggles, Endures, Learning, Improvement, and growth are all factors of growth in our lives if are properly understood and realized. The sense of our observations is the biggest source of learning for us all if we could put it into work and take the optimistic observations into order. The observation when positively implemented and enacted may bring undefinable feedbacks, facts and figures that are beyond explanation.

Born in 1972, In Peshawar Pakistan, Mr. Irfan Riaz is one of the most interesting stories at USECS. He is currently working as a Student Coordinator in the customer care department and has been providing his services for the past 5 years.

After completing his basic education at Forwarding school and getting higher education from Edwards college in 1988 he moved to a foreign country Ireland. Where he got admission to American College Dublin which is one of the most famous colleges in that area. He had to study hospitality management as it was one of the most highly offered and scope-oriented courses of his time. He studied hospitality management which made it possible to get through his career very quickly. Hospitality Management is one of the professions which makes your life even more satisfied when you are happy to work for the betterment and upgradation of the standard of life of people. No matter if it isn’t a very high-paying job or a high-stake job but the respect and satisfaction you receive in serving people with their daily tasks, guests especially, you get to know the real value and meaning of life.

He worked internationally with different restaurants and hotels helping people with their work and received a high level of responses and regard. One of the favorite experiences that he shared was working in “Juries In Hotel, which was a five-star hotel he worked as a hotel manager there and also made it possible to receive international experience. He says, his job was demanding, comprehensive, experience-oriented, and full of learning. He got experience certificates with loads of memories that he loves sharing with the people who are sitting around him. Learning and Sharing knowledge with others is one of the most important opportunities that one can have which he can use to learn from his past, implement the learning in the present and make it a better lesson for the future.

If you can make your time precious, and invest it with loads of learning and gaining experience you can make a life that becomes a timeline of learning which is a journey full of pearls and preciouses if you can understand the meanings and hidden messages.

One of the most important moments of his life that, he shares, is studying with his classmate in the same department with the same visions and approaches, Hina Riaz, with whom he further got married and started a new journey of life that is another story in itself.

Irfan Riaz Says that he not only got married to a woman but got married to a soul mate, who not only understood him but also readily helped him in tasks related to his life ahead. They both worked in the field of hospitality management together and share experiences of life for almost 5 years in different parts of the country. Miss Hina is from India and has a vast experience and study of the Indian culture, customs, civilization, and ways of living. Irfan Riaz worked as security in charge of alert Security in the UK and worked along with his brother-in-law in his restaurant. After moving to Dubai, he gained another international experience when he worked as a supervisor, in group 4 Security services.
Returned to Pakistan in 2008, with all the international experience of studying, working, spending life, meeting people, and gaining personal, social, academic, professional, and related experiences and insights of the people he raised the life with the hope of working for the betterment of the society and implement his entire experience in the area that he lives in.
He is living his life comfortably, has 3 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter who are the apples of his eyes, he wishes to earn a better life for them. Working at the The University of Spoken English and Computer Science he says, is an excellent experience. Spending most of his time in the academic field, working with professional people, bringing into order his international experience, and spending each moment of life as a matter of learning, he thinks it’s a fantastic journey. The Compound Effect of his weekly or monthly experience accounts for the best.

Pakistan is a country of blessings, if the people are provided with a sense of direction, a sense of realization and gathering, help people improve their standard of living, and teach them the best of making a life that matters, the people of Pakistan will collectively make the best out of their life. They will learn and will implement which may bring a sense of social organization. To develop our country, we need to work on the mindset, that is how we will move forward and that is how we will be able to make a difference.

Irfan Riaz and his wife both serve at the USECS and are big sources of motivation, they teach, no matter where you live, what experience you have, keep on learning and working and keep on giving your level best for the upcoming generations to learn from you. Let your life be a legacy for others to live.

September 17, 2022

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