Social Media and Youth

In the 21st century life without mobile and Internet is not even Imaginable. Mobile in the Internet both have positive and negative aspects. You can use it both positively and negatively. You can easily achieve your desires by using Mobile and Internet. But it is very sad to say that our youth are using it aimlessly. Our young generation is using social media for the purpose of entertainment like many teenagers are addicted to video games. Our teenagers are playing video games for hours which is wasting of time as well as money in the form of the internet. Our youth are using social media to promote hate and violence. The way many of us using the internet might cause mental health problems, rather than wasting time, losing health, losing money we can use it for accomplishing our goals and ambitions in our lives.

Teenagers are spending 5-6hours per day just for playing video games. And the result of these games addiction is prominent to you all, just a month or two ago we listen about even suicides. Our teenagers have lost the respect of their elders and many of us are rebel from our parents. Suiciders were stopped from playing which means that we can’t keep teenagers bereft from the internet.So we have to seek alternative ways.

Teenagers are using the internet to promote violence we are using Facebook and other platforms to nurtured abhor. The great epitome of boosting abhorrence is our videos on social media platforms and these things boosted hate between great tribe Pashtun. Every common person has access to media and they are absurdly uploading videos of violence on women and on our deprived community. Similarly, we are promoting procedures of how to become a robber, etc. Which are morally unacceptable and affecting our society. We are complaining about lake of peace but our acts are completely against peace and our posts on social media is the abstract of it.

It’s very disconsolate to say that we are disturbing ourselves mentally. Many times we heard about mental issues in our teenagers which ultimately leads to suicides. Just a month ago one of my Facebook penpals made a suicide because of spending a lot of time while playing video games and posting in Facebook groups. Despite, it also damage our eyes and cause sleeplessness issues. It also damage our relationships

As the internet has above negative aspects of our lives and youth. But another main and great side effect of internet is wasting of time and money. The most important thing that we are blessed by from ALLAH (SWT) is time. Despite its preciousness, we are badly wasting it on unimportant things like mobile and internet. Similarly you betterly know that internet is very expensive and many people in our society can’t afford it. On the other hand many of us wasting it aimlessly.Internet also have positive aspects if we utilize it. Being a student you can easily get access to lectures of highly qualified teachers from every corner of the world. Similarly from e-books you can read every type of books from your home. Through internet you can easily acquire your desire of studying from high standard institutions.

How to avoid the bad aspects of the internet? It’s a very intricated tangle but up to a great extent we can control it. Assistance from the regime is very important, awareness through media about the negative effects of the internet is very important. We need to arrange awareness seminars about the use of social media. Parents’ role in building personality of their children is undeniable, so we also need to teach parenting on a broad level. Similarly, we need to provide alternate ways to overcome these tangles.

Written By: Shafi Ullah
Student of Class: Starter
Academic Qualification: FSC

Topic: Social Media and Youth