What is rust in mind?

The mind that has lost its ability, to think and understand, as, it used to be, or, as, it should be, because of not using that ability for a long period of time.

The mind will rust unless used.

Active mind is much stronger

Although our body is, like a complex machine, however, unlike a mechanical device, our mind does not ware out, because of continuous use, on the contrary, the continuous use of the mind, like pondering, thinking, makes our mind grow stronger and brighter when it is active.

Mind get rusted

In the world of machines, if a machine is not used for a long period of time, it gets rusty, likewise, the most intelligent and bright minds will get rusty, unless they are used

Islam discourages the rust in mind

In the Islamic perspective, the rust of mind is, not to ponder, think and understand, the purpose of life and the creation of God Almighty, though, God has given human beings, the ability to think, ponder and understand.

In the Gods word “Al Quran”, Allah says, “Do they not reflect in their minds? Not but just ends and for a term appointed, Allah create the heaven and the earth, and all between them: yet are them truly many among men, who deny the meeting with their Lord (at the Resurrection).

Allah invites human beings to think (Do they not think), reflect (Do they not reflect), and (understand) Will they not then understand?) the purpose of their creation and the whole universe as well.

Education system promotes rust in mind

• Our education system emphasizes on cramming, pursuit of certificates and degrees, rather than promoting the skills and practical knowledge, as a result, great minds get rusty.

Social media & technology’s negative Impact

The reckless use of Social Media and Technology is also a cause of rust in our minds. Furthermore, it is an obstruction in the development of thinking minds, due to, the waste of time and energy, in passing baseless information, unhealthy criticism, rude speech, etc.

Which leads to the rust of mind.

Impact of our lifestyle

One of the reasons for rust in our mind is our lifestyle, unhealthy habits of eating, sleeping and lack of exercise, results in weak memory, a decrease in brain function, and lack of focus.
Thus, all of these results, in developing the rust in our minds

Lack of communication & interaction

The lack of communication and interaction between different walks of life is also, a cause of rust in our minds. Communication and interaction create innovation in thinking, bring new ideas and creativity of mind and thoughts.


Therefore, the rust of mind, not only disables one person, however, it causes underdevelopment of the whole society.
We should step forward, to educate, ourselves and others as well, about the cause, effect, and ways of prevention, so that, we can prevent ourselves and the society, from the rust of mind and develop the abilities of healthy, bright, and strong minds.

“Allah knows best”

Written By: Sadia Rashid

Student of: Pre-Starter

Qualification: Fsc

From: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia