Education: –
According to my personal opinion, “Education is the name of
development of mental, spiritual well-being, and social behavior in a
child or a person”
Purpose of education:
The purpose of education is to behave well in life as well as in society. Its
purpose is to survive easily in troubles of life and manage their suitable
solutions. On the other side, if you are educated but your behavior like
an ignorant person then according to the right purpose of life you’re not
Education gives us the following:
• Purpose of life
• kindness
• Honesty
• Spiritual identity
Purpose of education in the recent era as well as in Pakistan:
Unfortunately, the purpose of education in the current era as well as in
Pakistan is to get only marks. I should say that particularly in Pakistan,
our system teaches the children how to get high marks in exams and
how to get admission to the next level of the department. Then, these
departments teach how to make money. They don’t teach how to face
the troubles and how to be kind others.
Which level of change needs to change it?
According to the situation, our system needs a big change. We should
change the English’s policy that they came with him (74 years ago, British
Govt in the subcontinent). We still follow his Educational policy. We
should stop the business of education in our country as we can see that
in every going day, a new institution is held.

Zia Ur Rehman

USECS Class: Starter
Academic Qualification: Fsc
From: Sargodha