We have seen people who are worn out and completely blur out about their lives, careers, and themselves. Sometimes they are the victims of procrastination, and most of them have disordered rituals.

We have seen people who are worn out and completely blur out about their lives, careers, and themselves. Sometimes they are the victims of procrastination, and most of them have disordered rituals. Here we are going to study some rules or rituals that can help out these kinds of beings. The book “Morning Rituals” is exactly what you are searching for. It has worth working on ideas to make you definite and show you the way to follow and reach your destination effectively and properly. It has a huge collocation of ideas and solutions, that are shared by experiences.

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Most people have hectic moorings and some of them have slower ones, to have slow mornings to avoid busy schedules, there are some strategies to embark on our dawns. The biggest mistake by people is not ditching devices. There has been shown a big increase in stress and anxiety of devices used after waking up. Ditching your devices in the morning can help maximize your morning routine and productivity throughout the day. Additionally, using your phone in the morning distracts you from other important things and takes away a lot of precious time.

Moreover, to have a boosting morning or day, one gets a good night’s sleep. Avoid strenuous activities and exercising and heavy lifting toward the end of the day instead take a warm bath to decompress or read a book to induce sleepiness. A proper sleep routine is the best remedy for guaranteed great mornings. Sometimes we are not sure about ourselves this is the point most people mess up and, in the end, they have nothing. We must be sure of what we want. We need to prioritize our goals, one should know what to keep and what to throw\change selection of activities that match your goal matters a lot.


Arrange the most important tasks and work on them. Another production morning virtual is what you take in your breakfast. Any human body is like an electronic device. A device keeps working properly if it is charged and treated well, and so is the case with the human body. If proper diet and food are given so it would work well. After waking up one is supposed to take a glass of water and proper breakfast just to keep it active starting along with a fresh bath so the day would be fresher. Morning rituals have many advantages, it increases productivity, boosts energy level, increases happiness, develops health, feels in control and most important improve healthy relationships. Utilizing morning to track and work on it minimizes stress and unnecessary dramas which are the result of one own protracted personality.

There are bundles of ideas to adapt and get into a proper routine. Everyone can be productive and can catch their goal once they apply rituals according to their interests.

The Morning of a busy person, a learner, and an energetic goal achiever are different. Every morning gives you happiness or anxiety. First, we have to know the benefits of having a proper morning routine.


  • Increase Mental Health
  • Helps you create better habits
  • Increases energy level
  • Better immune system
  • Releases stress
  • Generates ideas
  • Boost the level of tolerance
  • Opportunity to do exercise
  • Helps to write down your schedule
  • Teaches you punctuality
  • Makes you happy
  • Teaches you how to enjoy your own company
  • Focus on every single task


  • It increases stress and anxiety
  • Gives you a headache for the whole day
  • Social media causes depression
  • Distracts and makes you busy with other extras
  • It spoils your precious time
  • Weakens your eyesight
  • Makes you forget your daily routine
  • Causes sadness as for getting something bad on any post
  • Damage your physical and mental health
  • Using devices for entertainment makes you bored and lazy

The writer is a Teacher at USECS – Peshawar – Dpt of English Language 

October 21, 2022

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