Modernism is getting the change with the time and as the flow of time goes one goes along. With the change in time, one changes their self and adapt to how everyone around is living and behaving. Modernism in the sense of changes that have come in our societies, cultures, and most of all in our selves. It’s true everything changes and as Robert Byrne quoted that everything is in a state of flux really applies here now a day.

The word modernism explains our efforts, struggles, and hard work to be what others are going about or mainly running after. We follow others in the sense that they are modern and know a new era well. A lot has changed from the last two decades; the twenty-first century is what I would personally mark as the beginning of modernism in Pakistan. We are
our culture lovers and traditions followers but the modernism of the west is changing us a lot. The modernism there is individualism; which is everyone living on its responsibility after entering the adult age category but here our cultures are different, traditions are different, how we live and talk everything is different.

We are imposing these western modernism rules on our selves, they are for us. We live in a collectivism society, where no one lives for themselves self instead they live for their family and friends. Western modernism is not for us but since the beginning of this century in the name of modernism, we are changing our selves, customs, and even ourselves to fit in the rules and disciplines that are not for us. We are changing the way we used to live, the way we used to talk, and the way we used to behave. We were going out of our comfort zones, our social norms, and our personal norms for something that is not for us.

We are Muslims, the way we should live is already written, it is already decided by the greatest of the greatest writer, and the idol that we are having is the one who had to live his life flawless, full of joy and happiness by simply doing what he was supposed to do. Such a blessed one’s life becomes when we follow what we should, in reality, follow, not what the time and world want us to. We are having a great code for a successful and happy life then why we bother ourselves doing things that are not for us and adapting to situations that will make us UN comfortable. We confirm when our conscience is not at ease by confirming when adapting when we in our selves don’t want to. What’s the meaning of this modernism when we in ourselves are not comfortable? We want to change our selves with the flow of time, we move with the time but what we do while doing so is not what we in ourselves want to. We are ruining ourselves for the ways of others.

Written By: Zainab Masood
Class: Starter
Academic qualification : Fsc
From: Peshawar