Importance of observation in an internship

The internship is a social term which been subjectively defined by many social scientists from their own perspective. That’s why we do not have one recognized definition of “internship.” But generally, it can be defined

Internship is a social term which been subjectively defined by many social scientists from their own perspective. That’s why we do not have one recognized definition of “internship.” But generally, it can be defined as;

Period in which someone serves as an Internee: specialized training program Which gives the trainee/internee hands-on experience

To become an excellent candidate for a past, someone needs to be experienced, punctual, consistent, and organized. But these are not innate qualities, someone has to enhance them. And these stars can be added to someone’s shoulders by getting practically.

To get empirical experience, the best way is to be involved in an internship and work practices and to be engaged under well-experienced supervision.

This will let you learn something which is not possible in isolation. This will let you know what is hard to know without any guidance and supervision. And this will let you get an experience of which cannot be enhanced by just reading and listening to others.

I can venture that all these (mentioned above) can be achieved easily by working as an internee in any organization or institution.
Practically doing some things involves mind and body, by this combination you focus on the work which helps to get or achieve the aim on time.

Who is an internee?

Working somewhere or in any institute or organization for getting hands-on experience can be called an internee. But it would not be on exaggerations

If we say “internee is someone who is sitting under a beautiful tree and enjoying nature”                                                              OR

“internee is someone who is taking an umbrella and walking in the rain without getting Dirty or filthy”  

This is what an internee is but there are some factors/elements which must be kept in mind while being an internee or doing an internship.

One of those factors/elements is “observation”

Which is considered to be the most vital one and also considered responsible for the success of the internee during the internship. Below we will be endeavoring to lighten the role of observation in internship and how it encourages an internee to enhance the objective or goal.

How observation plays the role

In the previous paragraph, we defined who an internee is and we also claimed:

      “Someone sitting under a beautiful tree and enjoying nature”

So, here we have got the word “Enjoying” it is not easy to enjoy something. For enjoying there are various strategies that should be adopted. And observation is one of those strategies to observe the situation or circumstances to observe something or someone means to understand them and anything which is fully understood, can be enjoyed correctly.

 Observation allows us to split what is being observed and to go deep into that and find the “whys and Hows” of that. Observation allows us to think deeply and freely about something and in order to enjoy and understand thinking deeply and freely is mandatory. Observation helps us analyze and motivate us to find the core of something. It helps us conclude and concise in internship observation let us enjoy our journey of being an internee and makes learning some new things ideas, and approaches.

Observation brings ease

Some internee is very obnoxious about the internship and they are very distraught about the future of it.

 Some of them are pretentious and try to do more than what needs to be done. Some have a yearning for the completion of internship before time because they are not that consistent and punctual which is a scrupulously negative trait and it badly affects the career.


Why all these traits are they’re in an internee? And what should be done to get rid of this and how.

There is one simple solution to the above difficult hindrance or obstacles and that is observation. It brings ease to the journey of the internship.

It makes the difficult understandable and makes the ambiguous clear and meaningful, which eases the process of schooling and learning. As it is explained previously enjoying and understanding are difficult. But when we start observing the scenarios then we feel relaxed and easy because observation makes it clear and soft.

 The more we observe the more we feel easy. The more we feel easy. The more

We understand it and enjoy it. So that’s an observation that makes it enjoyable by making it easy.


Observation of a flagship phenomenon

This would not be an exaggeration if we say. There is no alternative to observation in an internship for an internee.

Observation is the only strategy and phenomenon which allows us to analyse the scenarios and critically observe it by doing so, we come to know what should have been done. What we did and what should be done. It gives us the past present future of a task that is highly required.

The main focus of an internee in an internship is to learn, observation is the best way for that. By observing we learn quickly and accurately.

 Qasim Chauhan has explained it in below words

 “if you deeply observe, Everything is your teacher”

 To illustrate, we can venture that everything has got some meaning and knowledge, but the only thing which can be helpful to extract that hidden meaning and knowledge is to observe it in a certain way and let your mind analyse and divide that in pieced to make it clear and easy.

In this context Marilyn VOS. Savant went a step forward and said

“to acquire knowledge, one must Study;

But to acquire wisdom one must observe”

Observation gives a new life

Observation gives a new life:

There are many motivational stories you may have come across that if you want to be successful change the way you think and stop doing what have you been doing for a long. Start adopting some new ideas and teaching which may help you to achieve your goals and objectives. The same is the case with observation. You were an internee doing an internship but you were confused about Your future the future to you was ambiguous, was that so?

The answer to the question is you were not a good observer. you were not observed in the internship lecture which was worth observing. And that was the reason the future was ambiguous and not clear to you. Your goal, objectives, and aims were blurred. So if you want to learn and enjoy then start observing things instead of merely doing things. That’s how you can give a new life to your internship tenure.

Bertrand Russell has explained it in a better way he says

facts have to be discovered by observing   Not by reasoning.”

Ammer Sohail 

 And will Rogers make it clearer by saying

people’s minds are changed through observation  Not through arguments”

Ammer Sohail 

To conclude, we can claim that observation plays a very crucial role in internships for internees. Observation helps to learn something which cannot be learnt by reading or spending time in an internship. Observation encourages one to learn more in less time and experience more before the scheduled time.

If you want hands-on experience and went your internship to be stand-out you must observe in internship tenure inside-out.But for observation, we need to know how to observe. As

Maria Montessori has stated

    “we cannot create observer by saying to observe, but by giving them the power and the means are proceed through education of the senses.               

October 14, 2022

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