Impact. Role. Scope and effects of flood Relief fund on Pakistan

Will the fund affect the running economy of Pakistan and curb the rate of increase of dollar and bring the economy to stability? An Analysis report presenting an abstract idea of said topic.

Will the fund affect the running economy of Pakistan and curb the rate of increase of dollar and bring the economy to stability? An Analysis report presenting an abstract idea of said topic.


Pakistan is one of those countries in the world which has been affected by global warming. Climate change in the country has occurred, resulting in high temperatures, change of seasons, less snow falling, and melting of glaciers. The duration of the summer season has become long while the winter season is going shorter in the country. The monsoon rains in the country have been changed to heavy rains with thunders storm, hails, and cloud bursts which not only caused heavy floods in the country, this year.

In the last month of June, august of this year, climate change affected Pakistan and heavy rains caused devastation in the whole country especially Baluchistan, rural areas of Sindh, and southern Punjab including some districts of KPK and Attock.

Effects of a flood

This recent flood is considered one of the worst floods as compared to the 2010 disaster and the 2020 flood which left more than 33 million people homeless, over 1000 dead, and caused over 10 billion dollars in damages.

It ruined livestock, craps, and other agricultural products. It has been about two months since Pakistan was facing a heart-wrenching situation.

       The climate, minister had said that one-third of the country was drowned before this, Pakistan’s meteorological department had informed people about the upcoming floods due to the heavy rainfalls which become the reason for massive destruction but no one took it seriously.

In addition, in this time of political and economic crisis, the government of Pakistan also did not play its role and despite this catastrophe, all the parties were busy with leg pulling of one another. Whereas it was a time of unity and taking responsibility on their shoulders to get Pakistan out of this devastating situation.

Flood relief fund

However, due to the emergency, the government of Pakistan established the “Flood Relief Fund” named “prime Minister flood Relief Fund 2022” which is asking domestic and international donors to contribute and add value up to a greater extent to control the economic instability. These funds will be collected via different local or regional and national banks through cash and cheques.

Moreover, UN secretary General Antonino Guterres will be visiting the affected areas and called on the international communities to contribute 160 million dollars for immediate aid. USAID has already announced 30 million in assistance to Pakistan. Turkey has sent 2 Batches of relief goods for sufferers.

After the request of the Government, many friendly countries including the Middle East and European countries announced their rapid assistance in the form of essential commodities and monetary assistance to make the country support flood victims.

Therefore, the individuals and private institutions participated voluntarily in the recovery of losses which was not also enough because by standing alone in this miserable condition, Pakistan’s economy cannot tolerate huge expenditures of sufferers.


The importance and role of flood relief funds cannot be forgotten in the recovery, and prosperity of flood devastation and affected.

As flood relief fund is received in the country, are usually in foreign exchange i-e dollar pound stalling, Euro not only help the government in the rehabilitation of flood-affected areas but also increases the foreign resources which improve the national economy. With the increase of foreign reserves, the Government will not only be able to assist its people but also support its budget deficit. As well as the balance of payment will be improved which can make the recovery of damages possible.


The flood Relief fund has a vital role that could bring positive change in the economy of Pakistan. If the fund is distributed amongst the victims of the flood, it is hoped that their damages and losses will be recovered soon. Their damaged mud-built houses will be reconstructed into modern shape and their lifestyle will be changed. It can reduce the vulnerability of the sufferers who are now living in unexpected conditions should be better.


The devastation of the flood is not hidden from the world. Where the infrastructure got damaged and destroyed, many people were relocated, and enormous amounts of livestock and crops, and the collapse of hotels, and bridges have brought massive losses to the national economy.

The fact is Pakistan is already surviving under a heavy amount of debt burden and facing account difficult issues which stop Pakistan from further economic growth.

In this case, the flood relief fund is the only support that can provide service to rebuild and fix the infrastructure to make better the performance of Pakistan and can-do favor to continue surviving of people or flood affected


Pakistan has been severely impacted by the flood, to the recovery of losses, recently after the visit of the UN Secretary-General “2022 Pakistan Flood Response Plan (ERP)” was jointly launched by the Government of Pakistan and the UN to work in collaboration for the protection of life-saving response activities covering food, security, assistance for agriculture, livestock as well as other essentials.

According to the data, 116 districts have been affected, 218,000 houses destroyed, 274,000 houses damaged, 2 million acres of crops impacted, and over 1000deaths occurred

Moreover, for the recovery of losses, and rehabilitation of infrastructure again, the scope of the flood d Relief fund requires more assistance to control over the situation. For all this, the nation needs 10 billion dollars for the revival.

 As a consequence, Pakistan is expected to appeal for further funds from IMF and other friendly countries.

Avoid reconstruction in flood-threatened places

              With the support of flood relief funds, the government is supposed to allow the people to reconstruct the houses and infrastructure in the safest places, which are away from the danger of water or rivers.

        The people who contrasted the houses, building in those areas that could not withstand the pressure of water, should be avoided live.


The writer is a student in the department of English Language – Higher Series at the University of Spoken English & Computer Sciences Peshawar campus

October 21, 2022

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