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Hard work, Dedication, and Honesty when come together give ignition to passion for achieving and making what matters.

Hard work, Dedication, and Honesty when come together give ignition to passion for achieving and making what matters. It has always been studied that the people who have done the best things in their lives had the best the personality ingredients in themselves which not only helped them realize their potential but also gave them the courage to improve it further to the level best and make sure the journey of life is lived in the best manner that includes all the walks of life. The observation, analysis, learning, and inspiration have always been a paving path for the people who want to make a life that is beneficial for themselves and their surroundings.

Wandering in the streets of Peshawar, with having a cart along, Mohibulllah along with his father has dreams of becoming an educated person in his life, who not only wants to make life worthy but also wants to serve the national cause. Taking high interest, he is studying in a government school where he is taking his basic education and is successfully taking his journey ahead with the best grades and study statuses. His teachers admire him for his works and sense of professionalism.  He wants to be a successful CSP officer in the future and wants to serve the bureaucracy of the country.

Muhib Ullah Standing Along his Father and selling Finger Fries on Street

His father brought him to USECS and asked the management for his son’s admission. Mohibullah qualified for the scholarship and started his career at USECS Peshawar, he has completed 3 semesters of the Diploma Course and has improved his Communication Skills and Personality traits to a quite considerable level. He also has delivered many presentations, participated in different seminars, and is now one of the successful students of USECS Peshawar. His father wants him to be a successful Army Officer in the future and has always best of his wishes and prayers for his son.

Mohibullah is a story of Motivation and Inspiration for our youth who consider resources to be the most important stuff for making a successful life. He has proved it otherwise. Despite the fact, that poverty is a challenge, courage, dedication, learning, and determination play the most important role in the well-being and growth of society and the people who are living around you. If you want to make it happen, then you need to work as hard as possible to make your dreams come true. There are many inspirational stories around us, the only thing we need to have is inclination and belief.

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  1. Spoken english ki admission fees kitni hay or per Months ya level kitni fees hai tell me

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