An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time, usually undertaken by students and graduates

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time, usually undertaken by students and graduates who are seeking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field. The internship program is an outstanding source for the career and professional preparation of students. It provides work-related experience to the internee

 A successful internship period requires not only the best deal of effort on the part of the internee but also the management of a particular institute or organization that has a pivotal role to play.

A number of factors exercise a crucial role to make the internship period successful. This article is going to discuss a few of them.

Well defined work description:

Internship exposes one to a new task therefore no one can work with little or no knowledge or direction about the work and the method or procedure of the organization. In the first stage, it is the responsibility of the supervisors to make understand the students about their work. Clear work descriptions will help internees know about the job and complete their assignments.

Performance review:

The management of an institute is responsible to have a regular performance review to provide students or internees with a positive critique, so they can measure how they are going doing. A good performance review is an opportunity to help interns learn and gives them a true measure of if they are meeting the supervisor’s expectations. If they are going on the right track and performing the way it needs to be performed, they should be appreciated. Because nothing builds self-esteem better than feeling appreciated for what you are doing. Performance review and appreciation for the work that internees do is highly helpful to the internship period helpful to internship period successful.


Professional relationship

Building professional relationships in an organization will help the internee to put his or her whole interest in the internship. Usually, internship texts are for only few months, therefore in this context. An internee needs to have connections with other internees as well as with professionals of the organization. Deep relations throughout an organization will help you manage your responsibility and it will help you in boosting personal development.

Making short term projects

As an internship is an opportunity to learn and practice new skills, therefore making short-term projects will be productive both for the organization as well as the internee. Developing short-term projects for internees will ensure that your internees stay engaged and do their best effort on the job.

Internees often complain about not having enough work to do. Short-term projects will engage the internee with a concrete assignment that will benefit the internee and employer.

In this way, an internee can gain new experience and the internship period will be fruitful.

Relentless punctuality

Punctuality is very essential in every field of life. Lack of punctuality causes a lack of interest and due to lack of interest, one’s performance gets damaged.

A successful internship period requires unrelenting punctuality. Punctuality here means showing up on time, arriving for meetings on time and completing tasks by their deadlines.

Courage and commitment

Courage and commitment are the qualities that are going to make a person responsible. It builds confidence. In the internship period, a person is going to face different kinds of challenges but the one who has enough courage and confidence in his/her abilities can easily tackle these challenges. Challenges for such a person seem to be opportunities. Commitment makes an internee loyal to the tasks assigned to him. Due to these qualities, the internee can give devotion to work and hence makes the internship period successful.

October 21, 2022


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