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English Conversation and Communication Skills, Routine Conversations for beginners This class will help students get command over their academic English an atmosphere where they will get a chance to polish their communication skills and take them to a professional level.

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04 Months

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English Conversation is one of the most important and an interesting class, where the students are put into different healthy and interactive activities that can take their level of hesitation down and make the speech error free. Also, the students are provided with a range of activities where they can put their best in and speak fluently like the best speakers.

Vocabulary class is being designed keeping the mode of conversation class in which teacher acts as the moderator of the class and asks his students to stay in aligned conditions so that the class may be executed smooth with having loads of activities around. The duration of the class in limited to 1.5 Hrs. where the teacher moderates the students with a range of activities to that help the students interact in different types of environments. The main objective of the class is not to enhance the vocabulary of the students but also help them learn the style of using the vocabulary correctly in their speech.

What this Course Covers

What You Will Learn

1. Warmup:

The students make sentences, use conditions, describe their feelings, share their experiences and carry on the activity without bringing any pause to it. The smooth run of activity is made even smoother by introducing further vocabulary that the students have already studied or know or the teacher may surprisingly use a word from the blue that is surprising so that the students may have chance to think out of the box even. The teacher tries his level best to keep the class interestingly busy.

2. Vocabulary Juggle:

The words have different forms, synonyms, antonyms, corelated idioms and metaphors. The teacher, using the white board helps students understand and realize the connections of the words with their related parts of speech family. The students are also given practice of how the words can be differently used in same speech. Some of the teachers follow the rule of tautology which means the usage of synonyms in their speech to make their content more interactive and interesting. Unless students play with the words, they cannot generate ideas and polish them into conceptual speech. Teacher here plays the role of a mentor who guides students make a speech that is worthy to be listened.

3. General Discussion:

One of the most cooperative and collaborative activity in the English Language class is General Discussion in which a focus group is designed and students are asked to participate with the ideas they have. The teacher helps students scour the ideas and take them into a finishing version by means of containing and collecting viewpoints of other students. Here topic and vocabulary can go side by side on order to carry on the momentum of the speech. Students usually have unique and worth sharing ideas but the confidence for sharing them is less. The general discussion help students get a grip over the speech and also help students speak fluently. The continuous usage of vocabulary keeps keeping the students active and makes it a habit so that they could remember it regularly and permanently. Only then the vocabulary will become a part of their speech and will keep the speech have aligned.

4. Extempore:

An Extempore is an unprepared speech which is conducted to check the level of studentsโ€™ confidence. Teachers can usually organize the activity right after completing the part of conversation. The students are invited Infront of the class along with the vocabulary sheet and is asked to share of their life experiences or anything they want, using the vocabulary they just learned. This help students get a strong grip over their memory and momentum; it also helps the level confidence to increase. The students feel shy, feel hesitant, feel unable to deliver the anything, but the continuous practice and chances help them understand it better. The teacher during the activity keeps on pumping the students and helps them remove the fear of making error and enhance the level of confidence.

5. Vocabulary Puzzle and Exams:

The best way to evaluate students in a conversation class is to put students into puzzles where the students try to find the solutions out to a problem and a case. For such reason the teachers design activities that not only makes students speak but convinces them to think for better outcome.

6. Debate

The teacher divides the class into two groups and assigns a topic to the students. The group has to oppose the other group by means of presenting logical arguments. The teacher keeps on noticing the usage of vocabulary and gives marks according to it. The main objective behind this activity, other than the improvement of vocabulary, is to enable students about managing themselves during critical questions that demand fast processing and quick response.

7. Writing Activity:

The students, right after completing the learning part, are asked to write their findings in any form. Example of the writing is already available the activities that the teacher taught, or help from another mate may be taken. The students who have writing phobia are helped remove the weakness are encouraged to carry on with their strengths. The students who have poor writing are helped out so that they may prosper in high exams.

Who should take this course:

The course has specifically been designed for the professionals and students who keep a keen eye over day-to-day happenings and have to play a significant part in the social gatherings and meetings. Impressive means of speech is the ultimate need and desire of everyone for which they keep on struggling. This class provides a specific solution to the issues and helps students become vigilant and vigorous.

This Course is for you if you want:

December 8, 2022

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    • Admission Open
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