Students and Post Pandemic Situations.

Despite the epidemic challenges the countries are facing, students still should take their education serious.

Pakistan is the country of talented and skilled people where students play their important role in the well-being of the society by means of implementing their sense of realization of events and conditions and thus giving the people with the best of their inventions and innovations. The Country, no doubt is going through its most challenging and demanding times where almost all the industries have been facing great financial challenges causing a fear of unemployment to rise and also threatening the standard of living of people. In such case, the most effected industry is the education industry in which students have been abstained to go to their educational institutions and also have made a problem to remote students who are not able to take their online classes. Educational Organizations, in order to save the time of students, have pursued many policies many of them were void, null and useless but could be considered as an obligation. Here, the most important responsibility lies over the shoulder of students who need to take their education seriously and not to waste the time in activities that do not have any outcome. Efficient use of time and efforts is required where the students can spend their time for the purpose of generating some outcome. The time we have is the most precious and important, which needs proper management, organizing and study. Ideas and concepts are generated in isolation and freedom which are discovered and developed to their refined condition and findings are then put Infront of the people so that they could learn and develop further. Great Inventions and Innovations are made in the same way. I would like to request the students to start working for inventions and innovations and start believing in yourself so that you could know what potential is hidden inside you that needs polishing, study, and exploration and this needs a lot of time, and you have that free time now, utilize it for the betterment and thus finding solutions to the social problems that lie in your surroundings and help the society grow faster and better and thus reducing the evils that are ailing the society. Know your role, know your performance, determine its outcome and keep on increasing the value of its quality. May Allah be with you.

Wish you a very best of luck ahead.

Written By
Ammer Sohail

Managing Director Islamabad Campus
At The University Of Spoken English & Computer Science

Islamabad Campus

Peshawar Campus

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