Poverty Is The Worst Disease, It Needs To Be Treated

It is widely considered that poverty causes several issues and twinge people erroneously. It is like a punishment for a crime we didn’t commit, but we are the victims of it, due to the fact we can say that it prickles us atrociously. If we have the tendency to see the definition of it, we believe that poverty refers to lacking enough resources to provide the necessities of life, food, clean water, shelter, and clothing. But in today’s world, that can be extended to include access to health care, education and even transportation. In this context, the identification of poor people first requires a determination of what constitutes basic needs. These may be defined as slightly as “those necessary for survival” or as broadly as “those reflecting the prevailing standard of living in the community. We should accept that poverty is not only about the lack of money, but also encompass issues of access to health care, education, marginalization, and exclusion.

According to the “World Health Organization” those who are living in poor conditions “are exposed to greater personal and environmental health risks, are less well-nourished, have less information and are less able to access health care; thus they have a higher risk of illness and disability.” We are expected to accept that the enormity and complexity of poverty issue could endanger the social fabric, undermine economic development and the environment, and threaten political stability in many states especially in developing countries. We should accept that Poverty is not a new problem in the community.  Since long time ago, it has been illustrated in much literature that most of mankind’s history has been littered with stories about the under privileged which is defined by the absence of ability to seek basic needs.

If we see the causes of it, and try to know that what maintains poverty? So, we will come to know that there are enormous reasons to it, but some of the major causes are lack of good jobs and earning gateways, lack of good education, many conflicts, social injustice, lack of food, lack of government support, high costs etc.  In addition to that, when people believe that their grandfathers lived in poverty their fathers lived in poverty, the cycle continues with them and will continue to the next generation as well. This hopelessness will affect their ability to hope for better future. These all are the real mainspring of poverty in our society which is not letting us to compete our competitors around us efficaciously.  According to the psychologists “When people in poverty have a low view of themselves and no hope for the future, their relationships are affected. They have a low regard for other people and don’t believe that their relationships will get better”. From another side, poverty that shackles the society today is due to lack of public knowledge on how to develop skills that can support their life. The sharing culture, strong family education which can encourage love, respect, and appreciation.

Now, the question is that how to control poverty dexterously? As we know that there are so many ways to control poverty which will help the government to control it without a hitch. Bearing that in mind, the most primal strict measures should be taken in order to console poverty. Firstly, we should work on education not only bookish, but technical education because there is need to provide conducive milieus to make the educated people entrepreneurs, education can help us to grow an economic condition propitiously. Likewise, To provide conducive environment, we need to make many reforms in the different arena of state affairs, like judicial reforms, policing system, depoliticize our key civilian institutions, make accountable to each and every individual who possesses any authority, politician, civil bureaucrats, and judges of lower as well as higher courts. We should empower accountability to control corruption in the state either on lower level or higher,

Another essential solution for overcoming poverty is the collection and submission of the “zakat” The Zakat paid by the Muzakki (persons who are eligible to pay the Zakat) serves many objectives. It is the embodiment of faith, it directs the life of mustahiq (the recipients) towards a better and more prosperous life, and it eliminates jealousy that might arise when there are financial discrepancies in the community. The implementation of zakat must be concentrated on productive activities, education, and economic initiatives. Likewise, we can easily eliminate poverty.  As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest on account of this we must work for eliminating poverty.

Written By
Hamid Talash Ibrahimi

Senior English language Instructor
At The University Of Spoken English & Computer Science

Islamabad Campus

Peshawar Campus

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