Management Models and 2021

Companies all around the globe have started taking their management models and management hierarchies on to a top level of concentration and have been frequently bringing on the table of discussion, incorporating top officials and experts of the subjects and thus directing the focus towards upgradation and updating of not just the management models but also the management processes and criteria’s. Where the entire focus is put on to reducing the weaknesses and focusing on the strengths. The Post COVID situations have not only put the management experts to think critically but also have pushed them to be thorough and analytical in many regards.

Time is surely changing, intellectual capital in getting enhanced and the business world is getting even more serious in providing quality services and products and this making the world a better place to live. Business giants that make most of the market shares are not only focusing on making the product and services better but are also thinking on creating a good social impact that may have zero errors and hazards. The inclusions of new products are focused on the great analyses of impact and feedback. That is how the generations are being provided with the best of what they deserve and demand.

Market analyses of the past few months have been showing a fluctuating graph with a rise in the demand of durable products which are both inexpensive and user-friendly. The rise in the market pressure due to fewer market activities, especially during the COVID, has put the experts into trouble, which requires them to revisit their production and marketing strategy with a high level of investigating the loopholes and errors that caused the market pressure increase to a higher level. The continuous meetings being held in a high official environment have been focusing on reducing the cost, increasing the efficiency, and maximizing the outcome so that the businesses may have an authentic and great market impact, both in terms of products and services.

The industries, that used to be highly optimum and outcome oriented, where their services of least efficiency brought  better results with an ease in employment opportunity caused the market observe a blue ocean where the buyers, sellers and workers kept themselves up to date and kept on taking interest in the business process by keeping their level of observation so sharp that gave them an eagle’s eye view of observing what moves in which direction and internal and externals forces driving the situation in different ways. The observation of aforementioned gave a quite clear picture of the day-to-day happenings and their outcomes.

In the current time when the top officials are busy in redevising of the management models for products and service marketing is completely different and unique. The special focus is now being shifted from production to process that may have a clear objective of making what the business has been going through refined and clear. So that the upcoming generation may have a chance of living in an environment that is highly effective in terms of buying and selling and highly efficient in terms of working and developing. The businesses are not only focusing on how to maximize the profit only but also how to make a process better so that the outcome may be error less. COVID has not only given us a new way of living but has also compelled us, especially the businesses, to live futuristically with a very deep study of SWOT and PEST analyses.

The time is in need of business organization that may have an impact in the global market not only in terms of making high profits but also making an educated and intellectual generation that can have their role in the upgradation of society. Where they can not only learn but also grow to become as better as possible for themselves and for others as well. The time is search of people who can make lives that matters, and this requires collective efforts and collaborative work. Only then the barren lands of idea will turn into gardens of concepts.

Written By
Ammer Sohail

Managing Director Islamabad Campus
At The University Of Spoken English & Computer Science

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