Five concepts that ‘worth its weight in gold’ are learned on account of Lockdown:

1. God doesn’t need our worship:

After the world went into a deplorable and ambivalent situation by way of the unwelcome virus, the world’s think tanks and all the governments were brought to their knees for the imposing of forthcoming plans. One of the strategies was to close down all the ‘Houses of God’ to prevent further spreading. By all this, we came to know that God doesn’t need our worship. If all the houses of God or worship places are closed down, yet, it won’t lessen the godliness and divinity of the one who is ‘Everlasting’ and almighty. This whole twist gets me back to one of the rules of Shams Tabrizi, he quotes” You can study God through everyone and everything in the universe because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you are still in need of knowing where exactly His abode is; there is only one place to look for him: in the heart of a true lover”.

The spotlight of this above notion is that God’s Holiness will remain forever, whatever, as he’s the Creator, Sustainer, and Lord of lords. The only thing he needs from us is to love fellow human beings and to fight in the battlefield known by the name of justice and oppression.

2. A disease of noble class:

Every year, every month, and every day wretched human fellows are dying via different fatal and lethal diseases, but no noble class or rich community put an offer to help and think for solutions of throwing away all the deadly diseases to save these poor creatures of God. But as soon as the pandemic introduced itself in superpower and stalwart communities, all of the attention moved towards this. Isn’t it ironic?

Because this plague didn’t perceive the difference amidst rich and poor. The public view of this perception can be held by understanding the core idea, that until and unless you’re not rich, you’re undone in this industrial world where men own machine hearts and machine minds.

3. Simplistic marriages:

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed” (Mishkat).

Every year marriages are held in ostentatious banquet halls where exorbitant menus are offered for the advent guests, no surprise to cognize the shopping lists and all the extravagances of the family members just to grab the so-called uncanny attention by other relatives or guests. This all unnecessary drama puts immense pressure on the bride and groom for the rest of their life to cope with. All of these cultural trends made all the poverty-based societies so helpless and insisted them pulling out the hair.

After the arrival of this plague, nearly all of the marriages were blessed with simple arrangements. The limelight is to follow this simple and easy trend to make it easy for every human who doesn’t get married, just because he fears to be mocked by the people.

4. Our useless needs:

World’s economies are crippled even after using those simple needs by the world which are the need of the time, still, the world’s economic think tanks yelled and screamed at the people. What does this imply?

This simply implies that the world’s economy is based on baseless objectives. The world is striving to compete for those materials that are helpless when the crisis is just a tip of the iceberg.

To enclose this perception, the writer is whole heartily requesting the people whose wish lists are no less than catastrophes in disguise rather than blessings in disguise.

Thus, to make one’s life, one is supposed to reduce the useless needs and assist fellow beings.

5. Resurrection Ertugrul:

The hot and spicy trend of this lockdown duration is one of the prodigious and all-time top-notch drama series of the Turkish film Industry.

It’s based on Khilafat-e-Usmania concept and the rise and fall of it. The sublime cast of this serial made a big impact on ‘163 film industries’ of other countries that forced them scratching their heads for a while.

The appraisal they got from the world is Flabbergasting and out of words. Most of those countries including Pakistan announced to air all the seasons on PTV. This framed the so-called artists in a box of insecurities and they accused this new trend. Industries where actors are hired on mere looks and where pathetic contents based on love affairs are shown, are now forced to change the scripts and present the quality content which are fans’ beloved. This expounds that the art and film industry has a bigger role in shaping the communities and bringing them to one page.

It is hoped to get rid of such unnecessary films that exist only to waste you, your time, and your mentality.

Written By
Amir Taj

English language Instructor
At The University Of Spoken English & Computer Science

Islamabad Campus

Peshawar Campus

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