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The course aims at imparting pedagogical and andragogical skills to uplift the teaching methods of the candidates who desire to be professional instructors of English language. The course especially provides training to the prospective instructors how to cater to the needs of students and meet their requirements in a specified frame of time. Most importantly, the course encompasses the modern techniques and approaches which enable students attain their target of acquiring English in the given period of time. With theory, the students will be given assignments and will be asked to demonstrate their acquired skills in classrooms which enables them to learn classroom management, grasp the mentality of students i,e knowing slow and fast learning students, meeting the objectives of lessons, fulfilling the needs and requirements. After the coursework, students will submit a research paper to earn certificate and step into professional life.

Course Duration: 120 Credit Hours

Course Objectives:

  • Imparting techniques and approaches of teaching English
  • Uplifting all skills of English
  • Knowing the mentality of students and making up their language deficiencies
  • Using multimedia effectively in classrooms
  • Eradicating language barriers
  • Enhancing excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Improving students’ public speaking skills
  • Advancing reading and writing skills

Course outline:

  • Language Functions
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • First vs. second language acquisition
  • Identifying students’ needs
  • Learning vs. acquisition
  • Language barriers (psychological & environmental)
  • Students’ appropriate placement in the course
  • Difference between lecturer and instructor

Assignment 1

  • Knowing knowledge vs transferring knowledge
  • Lesson plans importance (authentic vs non-authentic materials)
  • Krashen hypotheses
  • Receptive vs. productive skills
  • Language assessing parameters
  • Signifier vs signified

Assignment 2

  • Inductive vs deductive approach
  • Grammar translation method
  • Audio lingual method
  • Direct method
  • Total physical response
  • Desuggestopedia
  • Communicative Language Teaching
  • The structural approach
  • The silent way


Research paper

Awarding certificate

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