English Language

In this modern world, where English language has spread its roots to the depths of academic and technological grounds. It has become an ultimate need of nearly everyone to learn and speak English language with perfection and professionalism. The Department of English Language at the USECS is one of the most unique one in its own sort. The courses, curriculum and contents that are offered in the department are sole for the purpose of making the student learn and understand different versions of English language and its communication skills. The most important aspect for a student of language learner is not only to understand the essentials of English and its grammatical approaches but also it is also important for the student to learn the required set of skills, ethics, norms and ways of delivering a speech either in general, academic or professional walk of life.

The main aim of the department is to work on building the students’ confidence and encouragement for speaking a correct English language with an excellent communication skill which will ultimately help them speak any language with the best communication ethics that can be repetitively practiced in every walk of life.

The department works with its 100% capacity to not only keep a check and balance over the academic operations but also performs its level best to maximize the students learning and performance. The Teachers work their level best in making the classes run with the best of its effectiveness and efficiency. The students are made perform in the classes, tests, weekly and monthly seminars and also the extracurricular activities that include speech and debate competitions, food exhibitions, guest speakers’ lectures and many more.

The department has been working since 2009 and has graduated an impressive figure of 12,000+ students. The students graduated are performing in the best departments around the country and internationally also. the feedback of the students and families have always been excellent and has encouraged USECS to work for even betterment.

The department of English Language offers the following Courses.

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