Amid Corona Chaos, Students need to explore new avenues of learning

In the recent months, corona pandemic, a widely spread deadly virus that is demanding the highest level of social distancing, has caused major departments and sectors to shut down. Crises relating to different sectors has been triggering major problems to rise. General Masses, specifically the daily wagers are facing the biggest financial challenges ever faced. A nature of the greatest depression is about to hit where millions of people have lost their jobs and country is going towards having the highest graph of poverty and unemployment to rise. Government has been designing and implementing SOPs to maintain the financial cycle and mobility in the country and has been trying to assure the smooth and soft availability of necessary resources to the people. Amid these economic crises, Education sector in particular is the biggest hit of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since the beginning of lock down the Educational institutions have been on the top of the list of institutions to close aiming at hygienic Security and social distancing. For the past 4 months no SOPs or policies related to the reopening of the institutions have been observed so far. The closure of these educational activities has caused a huge disturbance in the learning and has brought a halt to the learning of the students. Schools, Colleges and Universities have turned out to be haunted about the learning and future of their students who are their responsibilities. Parents on the other hand side are even more disturbed hoping for the lock down to come to an end sooner than later.

In the recent months the policy related to the promotion of the students without examination gave a big shock to the educational experts of Pakistan. The policy showed the inability of the authorities of conducting examinations under guided SOPs and thus promoting the students into next standard without conducting any examinations. If the Education Department whose job is to learn and teach cannot adopt, learn and implement the SOPs how would it be possible for a country of 220 Million whose more than half of population live below the graph of education and literacy? Despite the fact that level of interest of Pakistani youth is already less, the lock down has increased the level to an even higher one by putting students free at home making them vulnerable to useless activities.

Schools, Colleges and Universities have long been informed, educated and Guided to merge the education system with impressive means of learning online and using positive means of using internet. No actions in relation to the online learning steps had been observed, the calamities of which are now being faced and felt. The management, teachers and students everyone is to hold responsible for this laziness in becoming a self-teaching and learning country where students use 360 means to learn and improve. Proper proactive measurements, if had been taken, could have brought a big change and development during these crises where learning is a big problem for the kids.

A world where most of the schools, colleges and universities have started online learning classes for their enrolled students, there a very minimum of the educational institutes in Pakistan are providing these services and are charging parents a handsome amount of fee without providing any tuition to the kids and thus increasing the level of disturbance to maximum. Not to tell, the teachers offering their services online either use local means or use a designed learning management system in providing teaching facilities without taking proper training on how to teach using the online means and what are the new ways of learning using the online means. It falls on the shoulders of the training and development institutes to gear up for training the teachers to teach using the online means and start updating the people about the possibilities of learning better using the online means i.e. the Cyber World where access to global information and knowledge is so vast and comprehensive that may maximize the learning in such a way that is undeniably higher than practical means of learning.The World is changing, the ideas are changing, the priorities are updating, and requirements related to needs and wants of people are changing and upgrading. A change that has been brought about by the novel corona virus has wide negative impacts the solution of which has given the world advanced developments.  During such a time transforming the departments into advanced ones where technological advancement and invasion could be taken positively and for the benefits of the people is an utmost requirement of the time. Education Department, here, needs to be given the top priority, being the mother of all departments. The competent authorities need to devise a well-defined strategy and SOPs in order for the institutions to open under guided rules and regulations where students are taught with the Personal Hygienic Measurements and means to fight the pandemic. If we have to live with it then we have to learn about it and learning is never possible as long as educational institutions are closed. The Management, Teachers and Students need to take interest in the process of the new ways of learning and improving. Proper time table, strategies and roadmaps need to be designed and implemented so that the students may keep on improving and keep on moving forward. Let’s pray all together for learning to never stop.

May 6, 2022

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