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Spoken English Crash Course

Spoken crash course (SCC) aims at uplifting students’ communication skills as they have already been to schools, colleges, universities, and …

Online English Conversation

English Conversation and Communication Skills, Routine Conversations for beginners This class will help students get command over their academic English an atmosphere where they will get a chance to polish their communication skills and take them to a professional level.

Digital Marketing

USECS offers one of the finest courses that is digital marketing. The course is specially offered to those students who are interested in the marketing field that is actually the game of playing with the ideas of promoting the businesses and the products.


Amazon is one of the biggest fields where buying and selling is global, the investors, buyers, sellers, and agents make the business even stronger and secure, the management of Amazon tries its level best to make sure that the transactions are happening secure and the people are provided with the services and products they are in search of

Advance Freelancing

Advance Freelancing is a course specially designed for people who have a higher level of interest in IT-related content. The Course targets faculty of higher cadre irrespective of personal qualification related to IT.


Freelancing is a course where students are taught with methodologies and skills required to make their earnings and techniques increase. The main aim of this course is “Learn and Earn”.
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