Freelancing is career making industry in which you can earn thousands of Dollars, Just by having a Computer/laptop & a Internet connection.  

Freelancing Course

Freelancing is a course where students are taught with methodologies and skills required to make your earning and techniques to increase. The main aim of this course is “Learn and Earn”. Unemployment is a global problem, in order to confront this problem students at USECS are trained on how to start your own business by becoming freelancing. In this course the students are guided about online markets, profile creation, market rules and regulations and necessary tools to make earning high. Our struggle to alleviate unemployment will surely be successful.

Advance freelancing Includes blogging and vlogging i.e. using Youtube, Facebook and websites to generate income. Advance freelancing offers students a verity of techniques and tips that not only will help them earn but also work for a good cause and spread a their message worldwide



Requirements for Admission



1 Month



Full Course Fee




2 File Pictures.

CNIC Colour Copy (Student)

CNIC copy (Guardian)

Reference Letter

Admission Form (Completed)

Bank Payment Slip

Note: Incomplete forms will be not be proceeded.

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