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Languages and Applied Sciences are the top priorities of everyone in this high-tech era. Most of the students are in search of institutions where their learning thirst could be quenched. USECS with its wide range of courses is the first Institute of its own sort with 100+ professional, skilled-based, practical, and theoretical courses on board. Under the supervision of a predefined constitution, the institution  operates with the emblem of keeping professionalism on the top where there is no compromise on quality. The process and management are guided and supervised by professionally educated and trained executives  who work unflinchingly for organizational betterment. USECS provides students with a learning environment along with almost all the on-campus facilities that may boost students’ learning.

We offer courses and services that can help students improve academically, behaviourally and professionally. You can find all the updates about USECS here. The matter contained by this page is the intellectual property of USECS. All rights are reserved


To be a global leader in providing the finest level of education that is both theoretical and practical


To help the people of Pakistan Learn, Grow, Lead and make a difference.

Introduction of Founder

Aleem Shah Khilji is the Owner/Founder of The University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences and is a renowned Life Coach and Trainer, and an Advance Threat Analyst.

He has been leading the aforementioned Institution for the Past 13 Years, with the vision of Seeing a youth with an unchallengeable strength, and in order to get this vision into reality, he has been working on providing education and training to the youth of Pakistan. His Services, apart from being a successful entrepreneur, are to provide training and development opportunities to the youth through different platforms. He also is a diehard patriot and an expert analyst whose work is based on Advance Threat Analyses which focuses on providing the country with the best of the solutions for security surveillance and upgradation.

He writes articles, participates in TV programs and Talk shows to make his work sure. He also has been a very successful life coach, speaker, and trainer who has inspired the very core of learning among the students and has been the favourite of his students. Life is a journey of mysterious paths many of which are unknown to the common minds he always says, to take the students to a journey of self-realization is the task of a good teacher and a mentor and that is the real success of a society. His struggles and endeavours for the betterment and up-gradation of society are a symbol of success for many students around the country.


  • To impart the qualities of leadership, personality, professionalism, research, innovation and social responsibility among the educational professionals who may be recognised for the quality and significance of their services.
  • To deliver broadly renowned leadership in the advancement of Learning, Teaching, personality and assessment of educational outcomes across the life span of students through qualitative & activity based education system.
  • To help faculty, staff and students enhance their commitment to the centrality of citizenship, social justice, and diversity.
  • To provide leadership in the growth of cooperative, collective and professional relationships with all the institutions concentrated at the development of institutions providing social welfare to the poor and orphan children.
  • To maintain an encouraging, inspirational and a learning environment throughout the premises.
  • To devise a management plan that is amiable, sophisticated and quality conscious.
  • To help students find opportunities of employment and improve his standard of life by connecting them with the professional use of Information technology.
  • To provide exemplary services in Counselling that will help students take better decisions for their future and devise a map thereof.
  • To promote projects that help the society grow academically, morally, socially and financially


  • Education, without skills and abilities to deliver it, is useless.
  • For a democratic society to grow literate an educated citizenry is pivotal
  • To entitle people to a qualitative education grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, professional integrity and a healthy nurturing environment.
  • Dynamic education system nurtures a productive and impartial collaborations that can compete internationally
  • Teaching and Learning should be aimed at Innovation, Leadership, scholarly research and its effective practice
  • The improvement of school is based on sound research, implementation policies that may build effective policy development and collaboration with practitioners
  • Practical and professional use of technology should be incorporated as a regular and compulsory subject and should be utilized to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching, learning, scholarly research, and its outreach to the state, nation and the world
  • Extra-curricular and interdisciplinary programs should be directed to enhance student leaning, growth and leadership
  • Students are the identity of an institution whose learning should be supervised properly and directed specifically.

Other management Organs

USECS maintains a very healthy reception corner where the prospect students are received with a warm welcome and are briefed properly about the courses offered at the university campus. The team includes the staff members of the finest quality and qualifications that makes the briefing corner even healthier. The staff members make sure regular and easy availability of the necessary required material, data and guidelines including that help students steer throughout a journey at the campus.  The reception and briefing section also make sure to keep the data of the students safe and keep a regular follow-up.

The process of the reception is smooth and moves through the process in a channelized way

The students received are guided about the courses and interested students are provided admission and are provided with the date of Entry Test and evaluation. The data of the student is then sent to the student coordination department.

Test and Evaluation:

Comprehensive entry, weekly and Monthly, and grand tests are organized by the department of the Evaluation and Assessment. The test is organized for all the departments differently and is made mandatory for the students to take. The test is organized in a well-defined manner that evaluates the students’ performance to the level best so that accurate results may be drawn out.

Entry test:

The prospective students, who are interested in taking admissions are required to participate in an entry test that is based on a detailed evaluation of students’ academic records, personalities, and behavior.  The Entry Test is conducted in a well-explained process which is conducted under the supervision of academic and managerial staff members. The students are evaluated in order to confirm their English language proficiency and the students are guided and directed toward their respective classes. Same testing process for computer science students, test is conducted to examine student approach toward computer


After the Successful test is taken, students are required to participate in an orientation workshop that enables students to get oriented with the process and environment of the university and its staff members. After the entire process of the students Intake is observed, the higher management of the university delivers a motivational session to the students that add to their performance boost. It also enhances their academic interest and makes them attracted to learning.

Student Coordinator, Check and balance

An Educational Institution is recognized for its ability to impart the matter of discipline in all the aspects, walks, and areas of the academic life of both workers and learners. A process that is regular, punctual, and well-disciplined is highly required. Thus, maintaining healthy management – Student relationship is of utmost importance. USCES Maintains the department of student coordination so that the students’ records related to attendance, performance, payments, and assessments are recorded properly. Applications received from the students for promotion, freeze, leaves, and class time change are managed properly. In such case, the staff members make sure that the students are participating according to the institutional norms to the fullest and are providing their optimistic participation in the elaborated regards.

The student coordinators are also responsible to make students’ participation assured in the weekly or monthly seminars and workshops that are organized for students apart from their regular routine.

The department holds key importance as all the quires related to the students’ academic careers are dealt with through the student coordinator department that tries to keep a 100% check and balance over the students’ performance and participation.

Officially Stated, 21st century is the era of technology and its importance and implication cannot be undermined. Pakistan is a land of technologically talented people where mere guidance and direction can change the way people work and behave in Pakistan. In order to provide students with a dynamic and distinguished range of IT-related courses, USECS plays the role of a platform where students are given a platform to learn and implement and make Pakistan a Tech-Strong Country.


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In this modern world, where English language has spread its roots to the depths of academic and technological grounds. It has become an ultimate need of nearly everyone to learn and speak English language with perfection and professionalism. The Department of English Language at the USECS is one of the most unique one in its own sort. The courses, curriculum and contents that are offered in the department are sole for the purpose of making the student learn and understand different versions of English language and its communication skills. The most important aspect for a student of language learner is not only to understand the essentials of English and its grammatical approaches but also it is also important for the student to learn the required set of skills, ethics, norms and ways of delivering a speech either in general, academic or professional walk of life.

The main aim of the department is to work on building the students’ confidence and encouragement for speaking a correct English language with an excellent communication skill which will ultimately help them speak any language with the best communication ethics that can be repetitively practiced in every walk of life.

The department works with its 100% capacity to not only keep a check and balance over the academic operations but also performs its level best to maximize the students learning and performance. The Teachers work their level best in making the classes run with the best of its effectiveness and efficiency. The students are made perform in the classes, tests, weekly and monthly seminars and also the extracurricular activities that include speech and debate competitions, food exhibitions, guest speakers’ lectures and many more.

The department has been working since 2009 and has graduated an impressive figure of 12,000+ students. The students graduated are performing in the best departments around the country and internationally also. the feedback of the students and families have always been excellent and has encouraged USECS to work for even betterment.

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Security and Surveillance

The Most Important aspect of an educational institution is to take care of the well-being of its people. USECS maintains and sustains an extraordinary level of security measurements that takes care of the students with their entrance, exit and time at the university. The external security guard and the CCTV surveillance camera team try their level best to ensure the regular and punctual checking of the operations at the campus.

The most prominent job of the security surveillance team includes, safety, security and smooth run of managerial and administrative operations


USECS Islamabad Campus is a purpose-built campus for IT Programs, Business & English Language. USECS Peshawar Campus is our strength, where we deliver our 15 years of experience in academics and training..
Address: Ghauri Garden, Main Lehtrar Road
Address: House No.14 Zaryab Colony
Faqirabad Peshawar-Pakistan.
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