A Life Without a Goal is Just a Wish

Every Journey has a Destination, we live a life that is not understood by everyone, as everyone, be it a kid or a young, be it old or an adult - every single person living on the surface of this earth has been blessed and bestowed with fathomless qualities, the discovery of which needs constant and continuous struggle. A very few people have understood and discovered these qualities.

Every Journey has a Destination, we live a life that is not understood by everyone, as everyone, be it a kid or a young, be it old or an adult – every single person living on the surface of this earth has been blessed and bestowed with fathomless qualities, the discovery of which needs constant and continuous struggle. A very few people have understood and discovered these qualities. Those are the people who had a destination in their life to achieve, a place to get to and an avenue to discover. Life is a journey in which we come across conditions, people, helpers, hurdles, victories and failure. Each and every single thing comes for a reason, some to teach you and some to alarm you. Intelligent are the people who don’t take conditions for granted and take every single step as a motivation and encouragement to aim at their target. Greatest people in the history have proved the importance of goal setting in life. When every journey is conducted towards a destination, how could the journey of life have no destination? Almighty Allah created us and blessed us with divine gifts, intellect out of which is the blessing which is not in possession of any other creature. It is the human being who uses his intellect to determine the dos and don’ts of his life. This is the gift of the intellect that one uses to set an achievable goal of his life. Whenever I come across the word Goal setting, I get confused with one question that while selecting a goal what are the factors that I have to take care of, after studying and researching a lot, I finally found out some of the things to take care of, and today I feel honored to share those insights with you.

Common is a very common word that is commonly used. Common is common the quality that is commonly found. Common are the common people who are found in almost in every walk of life who are living their life commonly. Goal setting is the Unique quality of every common person living a common life. When these common people come out of their common thoughts and try to think something out of the box, he gets surrounded by many uncommonly unique ideas which are unthinkable, unimaginable and relatively undoable. The people who are to set goals in their lives, need to keep the quality of uniqueness in consideration and set a goal that is not even imaginable. Success comes by “Doing Great Things” or “Doing Things Great”. Destination come any way or another, if you don’t know the way any way will get you there, but the concentration needed area says “Where do you want to get to? Is it a unique place? Is it a unique idea? Is it contributive? Is your destination a destination or a cause? History has witnessed Successful people being uniquely contributive. So, what goal are you going to select? What destination are you going to get to? What contribution are you going to make? What change are you going to cause? Select it today

As I said earlier that, nature has blessed us with divine gifts, and many of these gifts are unveiled while some of them are not. Life itself is the biggest gift which doesn’t have a second chance. Life is thought to be limited which is a line between two full stops, the beginning and ending. A different side of the picture will display different thought about life being a journey which never finishes, an infinite game. Socrates when was being poisoned, smiled at the officer and said that “You think this poison will bring Life of Socrates to an end?” Socrates was not a man of flesh and bones, but was a man of intellect, research, discovery and philosophy. Through his findings he gave birth to another new era of knowledge and study that turned out to give birth to many other fields of study. Socrates died, but his goals proved to be an infinite game that is still helping people quench their thirst of knowledge about the life and reality. So, while setting goal another important point to take care of is the infinity of the effects of your goals. A goal that is not for personal cause but is for a divine cause. a goal that is selected not for the times to influence but eras to base. A game that is the ornament of only those who have a lust and thirst of Contributing to the society. So, what infinity are you thinking about, what difference do you want to create, what contributions do you think of and what things to you want the world to experience. Simply, how do you want to see the world like?

I once got a chance to see the chemistry book of my younger brother, I opened it randomly and luckily came across a topic that said, Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be converted from one form of energy to another – The Law of Conservation of Energy. We all have energies, we all live around energies which are of different forms, but at the end of the day everything is made of same thing but has different forms. Colors for example are made of 3 basic colors, Red, Green and Blue but every color has different forms, and by means of different combinations of these colors millions of forms have so far been achieved making a difference. In the same way anything you do, anything you work on, anything you believe, and anything you intend to see has multiple variations. People live a life that matters to them in one way or another, but the word goal selection has a broader view and a broader sense of understanding. As I discussed that energies have various forms, in the same way the goal that we select and are determined to work on is also a form of energy, definitely has various forms of benefiting other aspects. So, another point that I would like to discuss with you is to have diversity of one goal, I can term this as “Collateral Benefits”. The goal should be of a type that not only benefits one aspect of life but must have a diverse effect and thus influencing various fields of life. If chaos theory defines, Disturbance in one thing causes disturbance in everything, then on contrary, Optimistic change in one thing MUST and DOES cause Optimistic change in everything. A matter of Intention, Determinations, Belief and Action in an adequate amount needs to be imparted. Only then the goal can be considered to be a Vision. So, while selecting a goal keep these things in mind, that What diversity your goal can cause, what difference will it create, how many avenues will it influence and how many new ways of life will it encourage to live. Goal is not for Years or decades or centuries. Goals influences – Millenniums.

A life without a goal is just a wish, but a selecting a goal without knowing its necessary ingredients is not even a wish. As long as a goal is not broader, not real, not diverse, not infinite and not unique, it will live its usefulness but for a limited period of time. I don’t see youth who will change themselves only, but will cause a series of change that will continue to last for eras to be witnessed. Remember it that “if you need to change as bad as you need oxygen, you will change” so are you ready? Answers lies within you! Listen to it fairly.

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