Mohibullah- A Story of a Smiling Dream.

The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah Mr. Mehmood Khan Invited Mohibullah along with his father and appreciated their struggles and learnings. He has also been awarded financially and implicitly.


It has been a matter of judgment and observation that people from different parts of the world, mostly uneducated and from poor families, have made it possible to impact a difference in societies and have made it clear and better for others that when the exact amount of passion and obsession is invested into a business or work, the outcomes that are received in terms of achievements and winnings are unfathomably great and beyond explanations. Such achievements and winnings are not the end of a journey but are the starting point of the other.


Where teachers are performing their level best in the field of teaching and research, in the same place it becomes the most important responsibility of parents to take care of their children’s mental and physical health by providing them a healthy environment to improve their skills and abilities in learning and performing. In the same place, it is utmost for their parents to take care of their children’s time and concentration as to where are they spending most of their time and what their sense of learning is in what domains. The elders at home must keep a strict check and balance with a strong sense of hold toward the environment so that the end result received must be well enough, giving a path, to a better future.

Insha Allah. His father sells French fries, commonly known as Potato Chips, on a cart in the streets of Peshawar. He works from morning till evening without taking care of the weather challenges and keeps on working to earn bread for his family. The business that he has is tough and difficult, but in order to make his son live his dreams, challenges don’t become hurdles for him. He wants to see his kid become the best version of himself one day and prays for the dreams to come true someday.

We have been living in a time that is full of competition and learning, where mentors and professors have been trying their level best to make their learners the best, strongest, and the most vigilant. Their performance, when delivered on higher platforms, is thought-provokingly amazing and is bringing millions of smiles to sad hearts. Learning and improving have always been a part of life that is never-ending. Struggles, judgments, references, learnings, improvements, and creations have been most importantly invested in people so that the level of outcome may be maximized.

There are examples around us, of achievements, of learnings, of improvements, of understandings, of observations, and of creations where inspiring stories have helped us learn a different view of life. Understand the power of compromising with the self, with the wishes, with the needs, with the priorities, and with the people, you surround with. The power that gets extracted out of such endures gets you into the valleys of unfathomable learnings and observations that is untellable and unexplainable. The role of teachers and parents is to be known as a matter of the highest importance.

Wandering in the streets of Peshawar, with a cart selling French fries, Mohibullah, along with his father, is a kid barely 12 Years of age who is struggling hard with his life of making a difference done. From taking school lessons to learning English Language and keeping his extra studies in focus is a matter of his concern. He has been struggling hard with his life and with the conditions in both his academic and personal life. The vision that the kid has speaks better than the plans of a man. With dreams in his eyes of making a life that matters, and on the mission of making the best version of himself, Mohibullah is becoming a sense of inspiration for the people living around him. Despite the fact that hard times have been trying to wrath him with failure still, his endures have been blessing him with success. He believes that he will be able to live his dream of becoming a high-profile Government officer one day,

Studying at The University of Spoken English and Computer Science Peshawar, he has always delivered his speeches and presentations in the classroom to the best of the teachers’ satisfaction and performance requirements. His performance has been so good that has won scholarships and awards from the management many times. Moving forward he has also scored the best in most of his examinations. His teachers speak of him as being regular, couth, focused, serious, and observatory in almost all the activities. In a recent video that went viral on social media, Mohib has become a beacon of inspiration to not only his classmates but people nationally. In his video, he speaks of his dreams, his endures, and his struggles which are not only a sense of learning and achievement and betterment, his role for most of the poor people and the people who have been facing struggles in their academic and general life.

The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah Mr. Mehmood Khan Invited Mohibullah along with his father and appreciated their struggles and learnings. He has also been awarded financially and implicitly. The move of the government in promoting and encouraging the poor people is worth appreciating. The higher authorities when blessing their people with prays, well wishes, and good thoughts, become an inspirational thread for other people who get on the track of making a difference and making a life that matters.


Children are the responsibility of Parents, Orphans, and the Poor are the responsibility of the Nation. such responsibilities when played properly, accurately, and fantastically becomes the story of success for the people who are in search of something valuable. Great people do exist, who play their potential part in the well-being of the kids learning, and improvement on all the grounds. They work day and night to make the struggles live their usefulness. Teachers and Parents are the most important part of the society who nourish the society, seed the grounds, water the plants and take care of the trees of life and keep on working on the journey that is taking the focus and concentrations toward their real position.


The time and the responsibilities that we have, as human beings, are very important and significant that need a very high level of time, effort, and energy invested. let’s join hands together and serve the nation for the betterment and make many other stories like Mohibullah.

Best of luck to us all.

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